Our Wedding – Part 1


Wedding Photography by Adam and Grace Photography

Saturday 11th April 2015 is a day I don’t think I will ever forget. People who know me will know how organised I was about planning our wedding and I basically had about 3 weeks to book everything (don’t worry we didn’t do a last minute thing). We booked our wedding just before Christmas of my final year of university and that coming January I would be sitting two of my finals. As a reward to myself if I worked really hard for those once they were over and before the next semester started, I could knuckle down and book everything – and thats exactly what I did.

I always knew I wanted to have ‘different’ shoes. I like to think that when people think of me, they think of my shoes. I had always loved Vivienne Westwoods, they basically just remind me of my childhood and those jelly shoes I used to wear. When I saw those blue peep toe pink metallic bow heels, I instantly knew they were the ones.

Keeping along the themes of bows, and not intentionally, I choose the Christian Dior – Miss Dior Perfume as my wedding perfume. Until a month before the wedding I hadn’t really given much thought as to wear my scent was going to be I had always thought I would wear Lancome La Vie est Belle (a popular one for brides), I walked into Debenhams and the Miss Dior was being promoted. Not one to refuse a good spray of perfume, I accepted and within minutes of it being on my skin I text my mum and told her to go and get a sample of it the next time she could (little did I know my mum bought me it as an early wedding present).

The number of high street bridesmaid dresses that are available is great and so affordable for those on a budget, or just wanting to save for something else. Our bridesmaid dresses came from John Lewis. Some bridesmaid dresses from a bridal store can cost up to £260 and these were great at only £99. I had three bridesmaids, all of which have very different shapes and these dresses were so figure flattering that it suited all of them. I actually think the bridesmaid dresses were one of my most stressful parts, only because I knew the colour that I wanted, I just didn’t know what style of dress I wanted.

Now onto my dress, I wore a Ronald Joyce for Victoria Jayne dress and I had picked it out just after we had got engaged and well before we had even set a date. Being a student and planning a wedding meant I was price conscience of everything so I went along to a Bridal Sample sale (I encourage everyone to go to one, I got my dream dress for half the price, what more do you want than that?) I put it on and that was it, that was my dress. I did try on a few more dresses, mostly lace and I’m too short and ‘hippy’ for lace, and you need to be slim and tall, so it just didn’t suit me. The first dress in the first shop and it was a done deal!

My bargain find was the necklaces I got my bridesmaids. Their dresses were ‘Persian Plum’ or in normal colours, pinky/purple, so I wanted to tone them done with pastel colours, which were the main colours of the wedding. Being a lover of Primark, I was browsing the jewellery department and spotted the simple pastel floral necklaces. I hadn’t even looked at the price, I just picked up three and smiled at the great find. I was so pleased with myself, I got to the till and the bill came to £6, £6??? for 3 necklaces. I know right? They were just to perfect.

I always knew that whenever I would get married I wanted Gil from The Stables Flower Co. to do the bouquets. When you looked at one of Gils bouquets, you could instantly tell that it was her design. After much thought about the colours and some of the flowers, I left it in Gils hands to design my flowers, along with the church arrangements and the mothers corsages. On the Friday I went to pick everything up, not knowing what to expect  as it was still a surprise to me (although I knew I would love it). I think you’ll agree that the end product was beautiful? Mine was the one lying down in the photo.

That takes up to to the part were I’m just about to leave the house to go and meet Adam…

Chat soon,
Lisa x


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