Our Wedding – Part 2

 0219802194022080216902265021510216502131021630213602157024110241502421025140252102581024580265702655So I arrived at the church in a Rolls Royce Phantom, which used to be owned by none other than Lord Sugar (I promise you, it really did, I saw the past owners manual!) and the rest of the bridal party arrived in either an XJ Jaguar or an S Type Jaguar.

We had to stand outside for a while for photographs and all I could think of was a cuppa tea would be lovely right now. It was so cold, I remember sitting in my mums house that morning, watching hail stone beat off the window, eating my 3 strips of bacon (Yes, thats really all I had to eat!) thinking great, its hail stoning on my wedding day – I hadn’t anticipated that in April.

After all the photos, it was finally time to get married. The piano piece I had chosen to walk up the aisle to was an Italian piece ‘I Giorni’ by Ludovico Einaudi, check it out here. Handy tip: pick a piece that can be stopped at any part, because you will walk much faster than you practice.

When we got up to say our vows, I remember taking Adams hand and just staring at him. Hoping to get the next few minutes over without a problem. I remember Adam rubbing my hand gently to ease any nerves and with that I was fine. 

When we were out signing the register, a friend of mine played and sang 3 songs, all of which were beautiful. We had, Ellie Golding ‘How long will I love you?’, Aerosmith ‘I don’t want to miss a thing‘ and Voy Vance ‘Elshaneed‘. The Voy Vance song is so beautiful.

With a few signatures here and there we were officially married. Mr and Mrs, Husband and Wife, Adam and Lisa. We walked back up the aisle to Whitesnake ‘Give me all you love‘, a special song to both of us. Obviously we didn’t have a rock/metal song played in church, we had it written as a jazz piece.

For our guests after the service, we had a selection of nibbles and sweets along with tea or coffee, which family and friends kindly provided for us.

Next we’re off to The Galgorm Resort and Spa for the reception…

Chat soon,
Lisa xo


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