Honeymoon – South Beach Miami

thumb_IMG_1071_1024IMG_2554IMG_2568IMG_2591IMG_2592When deciding where we should go on our honeymoon, we knew we wanted a relaxing part somewhere near The Americas and an exploring part in New York. We had looked at St.Lucia, Barbados and the British Virgin Islands, but finally we settled on South Beach Miami.

We stayed in the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, which is located right on South Beach and just beside the famous Ocean Drive and art deco Buildings. This hotel is a private hotel, were only people staying in the hotel have access to the pool and a designated area of the beach.

The temperatures each day were around 30-33oC each day, which was amazing. We didn’t venture far each day from the pool, as this was our time to relax and unwind after a very busy week of final wedding preparations and the actual wedding itself!

Refreshments were brought round every hour and these included fresh lemonade, coconut water, cucumber slices and pretzels. Around lunch time we asked did we want any sun screen or tanning oil sprayed on us and at the end of the day, we had a complimentary aloe vera spray down to help us cool off from the heat.

Each night we walked the streets of South Beach to find a different restaurant and I think it was the 4th night of our stay we came across ‘Española Way’ and decided to treat ourselves to some Spanish Food. The dish of the day was Seabass, and being a lover of basically all seafoods, I went for that. A while later, my dish arrived and the fish was wrapped in foil, so I opened it and there glaring back at me was the fish, head and all!! I couldn’t cope. There was no way I could eat it with the head still attached, so the very kind waiter took it away and took care of it for me, bringing me back something I could actually eat.

Our week in Miami went too quickly but soon our adventure to the Big Apple and the city that never sleeps was about to begin.

Chat soon,
Lisa xo


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