50 Facts About Me

Here’s a little list of facts you may or may not know about me:

  1. I was born 2 days early and my mum still gets my birthday wrong
  2. On my first day of school I went with odd socks on
  3. I hate Brussel sprouts
  4. I was named bubbles until I was finally named Lisa
  5. I have one thumb bigger than the other one
  6. I’m 5’4 inches
  7. Peonies and hydrangeas are my favourite flowers
  8. I can’t have dirty dishes – they must be washed!
  9. I can spend hours rearranging and organising my bedroom, makeup, clothes etc.
  10. I love a good bowl of coco pops
  11. Blue French bulldogs are my favourite doggies
  12. My starbucks order is a grande caramel macchiato.
  13. I used to have really long hair and I decided to cut it to my shoulders – worst idea ever!
  14. My celebrity crushes include Ian Somerhalder and Michael Bublé
  15. Pigeons scare me
  16. I always wanted to be left handed
  17. I can’t apply false eyelashes – I just can’t
  18. I bruise really easily
  19. After being a good girl at the dentist I was always rewarded by getting a goldfish
  20. I’m always cold. Always.
  21. I recently bought an industrial sized box of wham bars
  22. Getting my eyebrows tinted was the best decision ever
  23. My favourite fruit is Mango
  24. I love mash potato
  25. I have never played the Sims
  26. I own two items of black clothing
  27. I love peanut butter and jam sandwiches
  28. I love marshmallows on top of hot chocolate
  29. Winter is my favourite season
  30. We (Adam and I) have a 16 year old Vintage 2000 Moet and Chandon Champagne
  31. I love Christmas jumpers
  32. I love writing lists – to do, shopping, planning…
  33. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was older.
  34. I’m half way through a PhD in cancer research – just a little different from being an astronaut
  35. I’m an only child
  36. My mum told me that if I had of been a boy, I would have been called Adam!
  37. Once I complete my PhD I will have been in education for 22 years
  38. I have golfers ears
  39. I’m obsessed with rose gold
  40. I own far too many pairs of shoes
  41. I only ever highlight my work in yellow and if I didn’t have a yellow one, I would underline in pencil until I got a yellow one
  42. I have never finished a bottle of perfume
  43. I had two wedding dresses. Kate Middleton wore two, so if its good enough for her, I can surely have two, right?
  44. I wore blue Vivienne Westwood shoes for my something blue
  45. Tangled is my favourite Disney Movie
  46. Seafood and pasta are my favourite
  47. I’m terrified of flying. I will fly, but I basically sit in silence the whole time
  48. I used to get my previous surname(McCrellis) misspelt, a lot. The best one was on my Boots advantage card – McCreklis, since when did I have a K in my name
  49. I don’t like ice cold fizzy drinks
  50. I can’t eat ripe bananas – the smell makes me sick


I hope you found this interesting and found out somethings about me you maybe didn’t know.

Chat soon
Lisa xo


One Comment Add yours

  1. I relate to 13, 35 and 47 😄


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