HD Brows


I did it! I took the plunge and transformed my almost tadpole looking eyebrows into works of art (excuse the redness and the lack of makeup!)

This was a big step for me. Until the start of 2014, I was an eyebrow wax if it really needed done type of girl, until I started going to Sarah at Passion Hair & Beauty. Then the once in a blue moon turned into a more frequent occasion, and before I knew it I was getting them waxed and tinted.

I have been blessed with a good set of natural eyebrows, so when Sarah went on the HD Brow course I knew my eyebrows would be tackled and they didn’t stand a chance of being left alone (I’ver never seen a beautician so excited to do HD brows!)

To some people HD Brows are these big thick black beasts that sit above your eyes and become a staring point for others and others think its just a glorified wax and tint with a heftier price tag. Let me tell you, this is not the case. If HD Brows are done properly, you can be sure of amazing results.

HD Brows are completely tailored to you and how you want to look. To achieve the before and afters in session two, it took approximately 45 minutes. That is because of the time and effort that goes into perfecting the 7 steps of HD Brows.

Consultation and Analysis – You will need to get a patch test done before getting HD Brows. Its really important to get this done, even if you have had one for a normal tint as they use a different dye. You can tell the stylist how you’d like them i.e. thick/ thin, dark/ natural etc.

Tinting – The length of time the pigment/dye is left on the darker your eyebrows will be. I have mine on for 10 minutes before it is wiped off again.

Waxing – This will remove hair from above and below the eyebrow helping to give the shape you want

Threading – This also removes unwanted hairs. I had never had my eyebrows threaded before and was not sure what to expect. Basically it sounds and feels like an elastic band on your eyebrow. Its quicker than tweezing, but not as quick as waxing.

Tweezing – To get those last remaining hairs

Trimming – Don’t be scared when you hear scissors near your eyes. I didn’t know this was the next stage and heard trimming and said, ‘are you cutting my eyebrows?!’

Aftercare – Once you’re done you’ll get a lotion applied to cool down the skin because its been worked at for a long time and you’ll get any gaps filled in with a pencil or palette.

I hope you found this helpful and just a little tip. Beauticians have to charge at least £25 as per HD Brows company requirements so if you find that places are doing it for less than this, you’ll probably find they aren’t HD Brow trained or using HD Brow products!

Have you had HD brows done? What are your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Chat soon,
Lisa xo


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