Jo Malone Cologne Collection 

The Jo Malone Cologne Collection is a true delight. The art of fragrance combining is evident in this collection, with one fragrance being beautiful on its own, and when paired with a second complimentary fragrance, an amazing scent is revealed.

These colognes are 9ml bottles which are perfect for popping into your handbag and travelling (especially on aeroplanes if you only have carry on luggage!)

This collection makes the perfect gift for your loved one. It comes in the iconic Jo Malone box with black ribbon which in itself is beautiful. You can tell by the packaging of a product just how much thought and love has gone into making the product. You are buying a luxury item when you buy with Jo Malone and you can definitely be sure of the quality.

The collection that I have has 5 fragrances
Peony and Blush Suede
Earl Grey and Cucumber
Pomegranate Noir
English Pear and Freesia
Lime Basil and Mandarin

Now when you say to someone what cologne you are wearing, they may look at you as if to say ‘Earl grey and cucumber’ seriously?? But believe me when I say this, as much as this may sound weird, the fragrance is to die for. All of the Jo Malone colognes are to die for. Owning all of the Jo Malone colognes is probably on my to do list #JoMaloneGoals

A lot of work has gone into making each fragrance unique and special and extra effect to ensure they work beautiful when layered.

To help you out with layering your Jo Malone colognes from this collection:
Lime Basil and Mandarin works well with Pomegranate Noir.
English Pear and Freesia is beautiful in combination with Peony and Blush Suede or Pomegranate Noir.
Peony and Blush Suede can be combined with Pomegranate Noir

The Jo Malone website is great for helping you with your fragrance layering, giving you options on which cologne will give is a warmer scent or a fresh light scent.

Which Jo Malone colognes are your favourite and what do you layer them with? Let me know – i’d love to hear!

Chat soon,
Lisa xo


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  1. Sounds awesome! love the packaging 🙂


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