Favourite Skincare Products

thumb_IMG_3233_1024thumb_IMG_3236_1024thumb_IMG_3237_1024thumb_IMG_3241_1024thumb_IMG_3243_1024thumb_IMG_3244_1024thumb_IMG_3251_1024I put my hands up and say that by no means am I the best person at remembering to do a skincare routine. If i manage to get my makeup off at the end of the day, I’m doing well.

A mist of all the products that go into my skincare routine, I have picked my top 5 that I rely on day in day out to keep my skin clean and fresh.

The No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser  (£9.95) has been a firm favourite of mine for about 3 years now. The best way to describe this product is a facial in a bottle. The muslin cloth works as a gentle exfoliator, softening the skin and removing dirt, while the cleanser acts to moisture and leave your skin feeling super fresh. Its a fairly big bottle, and even though I would use it every day, it lasts a long time. So if you’re scared about not getting your moneys worth, don’t be, this product is a must!

The next product that is always kept within reach is the Origins Super Spot remover Blemish Treatment Gel (£15) You may think £15 for only 10ml, but I kid you not this product is never ending. Us girls all know the joys about having spots, especially on our faces. I tend to get them on my chin or jaw line. I’ve tried many spot products and this product seems to work best for me. Whenever I feel a spot appearing I just dab a little on leave it to do its magic and within a few days the spot has reduced and the redness has dampened. Give this one a try, it may just work for you too.

The next three products are new additions to my skincare routine and have made their way to my favourites. Palmers Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub (£5.99) has become a favourite. During the winter months my skin dries out, a lot, and no amount of moisturising will help. Some products I’ve tried in the past do the job for exfoliating my skin but end up drying out my skin more, I just found them a bit too harsh. So when doing a Superdrug haul online one day, I came across Palmers and decided to give it a try. It contains cocoa beans which act as the exfoliant, who know chocolate beans could be so useful? My skin does still dry out, but with Palmers I know that I’m getting a gentle exfoliant that isn’t going to dry out my skin more.

To accompany the Palmers Exfoliator I use No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm for Dry/Very Dry Skin (£9.50). I’m always keen to try other No.7 products other than my usual and I was recommended this one. It cleanses, comforts and hydrates all in one. With a moisturiser you apply the product and leave it on, basically to do its job; however with the cleansing balm, you apply the balm gently to your face and neck and then wipe it off with cotton wool. It seems strange but it works. This will continue to be  a favourite of mine.

Finally the last product that is essential is a makeup remover. Regardless of which brand you have, seriously consider investing in one. I tended to use face wipes to remove my makeup and my skin never thanked me for it. I could never get all my makeup off and it my face just never felt ‘clean’ after taking off makeup. So off I went to Boots and get a good makeup remover and the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 100ml (£1.99) was on offer for £1. Perfect, if I didn’t get on with it, I hadn’t spent too much. This product is amazing, a splash on a cotton wool pad removes makeup so effortlessly and theres no need to rub and rub your eyes to remove eye makeup. I sometimes use the No.7 cleansing balm after using the Micellar Water just to make sure I’ve gotten all the makeup off and add a little moisture back into my skin.

Well that’s it, my favour skincare products. I hope you enjoyed this and maybe found it useful and encourage you to get more into skincare. If you have any favourite skincare product, let me know, I’m always on the hunt for new products.

Chat soon
Lisa xo


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kylie says:

    I Iove that hot cloth cleaner, always just wait until there’s a £5 off No7 voucher offer and stock up!

    I highly recommend Estée Lauder skincare, it’s expensive but you can get sample size kits, and it’s definitely worth it! Don’t waste your money on elemis, I bought sets on QVC and was disappointed overall!


    1. buttonsandbowsxo says:

      Thanks Kylie, I’ll definitely look into Estée Lauder products that are suitable for my skin.


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