Benefit Miniatures

thumb_IMG_3283_1024thumb_IMG_3289_1024thumb_IMG_3290_1024thumb_IMG_3291_1024thumb_IMG_3296_1024thumb_IMG_3297_1024thumb_IMG_3298_1024thumb_IMG_3299_1024Benefit cosmetics knows exactly how to pull on my makeup heart strings. I mean how could you resist miniature versions of their best products?

The reason I love these miniature products so much is they are great for your handbag or for travelling (especially if you only have carry on luggage). You have everything you could need without taking up too much room or carrying around full sized items.

Picking up miniature Benefit products is also a great way of testing their products first. You can see how well you get on with the products and decide if it is worth while investing in the full sixed product.

Miniatures that I’ve picked up include:
HighBeam (liquid highlighter)
Rockateur (blush)
POREfessional (primer base)
BADgal lash (mascara)
gimmeBROW (an eyebrow mascara)
Hoola (bronzer and great contouring powder)
they’re real (mascara)
boi-ing palette (concealers)
benetint (lip and cheek tint/stain)
they’re real push up liner (eye liner, perfect for doing a winged liner look)

I think my favourite products are the POREfessional Primer, the Hoola Bronzer, they’re real mascara and the benefit gimmeBROW.

I wasn’t intending to do full reviews on each of the benefit products, just a little post to let you know about the miniatures and how incredibly cute they are!
If you would like me to review the products in more detail, I’d be more than happy to just let me know and I will.

Do you have any favourite Benefit products? I love hearing favourites.

Chat soon,
Lisa xo



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