Honeymoon – NewYork

So after a relaxing week in South Beach Miami, we set off on our next adventure to the Big Apple. Come with me as I show you what we got up to in NYC!

Day 1 – Lets go explore NYC!

We arrived early to New York so had a few hours to explore seeing sights and getting the best brunch. I vaguely remember the name being something like Herald cafe/Herald Square. We didn’t travel too far from Midtown. Thankfully our hotel was in front of the Empire State Building and beside Macy’s (what more could a girl want?…well maybe some dollars to shop with!)


Day 2 – Madison Square Gardens

When they say that New York is the city that never sleeps, they really aren’t lying! Up bright and early we took ourselves off to Madison Square Gardens. Home off all the best events past and present. We took the tour (after all, we were tourists) and our tour guide was amazing. He took his time to explain everything and nothing was rushed. Definitely worth a visit and if you can, get tickets to see a sporting event if there are any on!


Day 3 –  Times Square and Downtown Manhattan

As we were staying in Midtown Manhattan we were central to everything, in Particular Times Square. This place is just as manic and busy as you think. I was told by a New Yorker that the best way to describe a New Yorker is they are always in a rush to go nowhere! Times Square is crazy. There’s so much going on, so much to see and so much to do. Never a dull moment!

As amazing as Times Square is and you could stay there all day, we only had a few more days to see New York, so we put on our walking shoes and walked all the way down to Battery Park/Statue of Liberty/Wall St and the Brooklyn Bridge. It took us about an hour to walk from Midtown to Downtown and many Starbucks were required to get us there (firstly it was freezing and secondly to keep us going). I’m so glad we walked there, even if my legs didn’t. We had time just to talk and take in our surroundings. thumb_IMG_2791_1024thumb_IMG_2792_1024thumb_IMG_2793_1024thumb_IMG_2794_1024thumb_IMG_2796_1024thumb_IMG_2815_1024thumb_IMG_2819_1024thumb_IMG_2829_1024thumb_IMG_1225_1024thumb_IMG_1229_1024thumb_IMG_2964_1024thumb_IMG_2963_1024thumb_IMG_2962_1024thumb_IMG_2955_1024

Day 4 – World Trade Centre Memorial

After being down at the bottom of Manhattan the previous day, we saw that there was a World Trade Centre Memorial so we booked the tickets that night and again set off the following morning for another long walk back down, accompanied by, yeah you’ve guessed it, a Starbucks. We took some photos of the fountains to remember our time there but also keeping in mind that is is memorial site. We walked through the memorial and nothing could have prepared us for what we saw. It was done in a very peaceful and respectful way to remember those who lost their lives all those years ago. If you would like to find out more about the 911 attack, visiting this memorial site, is definitely worthwhile.


Day 5 – Central Park and Saying Goodbye

We were in New York for 5 days, and although we saw most of the sites, there was still so much more to see. One of the places we really did need to see was Central Park. How could you come to New York and not visit Central Park? It was such a peaceful walk and we seemed to be walking for ages and we didn’t even cover the whole park. So this is definitely on our list to do again when we eventually make it back. We arrived back to our hotel, got packed up, checked out and made our way back to the airport. It was sad leaving New York, its such a wonderful city. Everyone will have a different experience when they go and thats why I think it’s so special. But saying goodbye to New York meant that our honeymoon was over and we were going back to the ‘real world’ were we had jobs to go to, food to buy and a home to sort out.


I hope you enjoyed reading this rather long blog (I don’t think I could really have made it any smaller considering it was all about NYC!) I hope we get to return soon and see all the sites we didn’t get to see.

Let me know if you’ve ever been to New York. What’s you favourite place to visit? Thing to do? Places to eat? I’d love to hear them all so I can be sure to check them out.

Chat soon,
Lisa xo


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