Zoella Lifestyle Candles

img_0287img_0292img_0294img_0296img_0298img_0301img_0302It was only a matter of time that Zoe Sugg, YouTube sensation and the brains behind Zoella Beauty released a lifestyle range, and I’m so glad she did (although my bank balance may not like her for it!)

Staying true to her love of scented candles, the Zoella Lifestyle range saw five beautiful candles hitting the shelves. Inspired by her life and loves, each candle was carefully designed and thought out. I mean you only have to look at them to see how much planning went into every detail.

Each candle is individually boxed and when opened, the interior reveals a picture, setting the scene for that candle.

MY EDEN: Pastel pink lettering  and a box covered in roses, it sets the scene for scents of roses, jasmine and geraniums. Although not a lover of floral smells, I genuinely love this candle.

LAZY DAYS: A perfect candle for those days when pyjamas, comfy socks and a chilled day at home watching the world go by is needed. I can see myself, getting comfy on the sofa with a big mug of tea, a good book in hand and LAZY DAYS burning away in the background. With notes of cotton and fresh linen, it really is a calming and fresh scent.

DAISY PICKING: I’m sure we all have those childhood memories of picking daisies and making a floral crown with them, I know I remember them. I loved being outside, nothing would beat the smell of grass and flowers growing in all the fields. This candle takes you back to those days of daisy picking on a warm summers day, with scents of grass and wildflowers.

SEASIDE STROLL: Zoellas love of being near the seaside was transferred into this candle. Having grown up fairly near to the sea, I understand her love for the sea. There’s something special about a walk along the beach whether it be alone or with someone else. Sometime we just need to get away from the busyness life can throw at us and taking a stroll along the sea is the perfect way to do that. Now, if you don’t live close to the sea, then this candle is perfect. Light your candle, sit back, relax, close your eyes and let the scent of fresh air and ocean mist transport you to the seaside.

GINGERBREAD VILLAGE: It was inevitable that there would be a Christmas scented candle. Aside from her love of candles, we all know Zoella loves Christmas. I think this was the candle I was most excited about (Gingerbeard scent in a candle, whats not to like!) The ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg is evident in this candle, although not too overpowering. This candle is for sure, going to be burning throughout December in the run up to Christmas. I can just imagine those cosy nights making hot chocolate and possibly watching a Christmas movie with this candle burning away (I’m getting excited even just thinking about it).

These candles retail at £10 which I think is very reasonable and are available to buy from Boots and Superdrug (Gingerbread Village is a Superdrug exclusive). Have you picked up any of these? which one is your favourite?
I love hearing your thoughts.

Chat soon,
Lisa xo


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