Stables Flower Co. Reopening

img_1679img_1680img_1654img_1653img_1629img_1635img_1636img_1637img_1634img_1632When I got married and I was choosing my florist, there was never a shadow of a doubt that Jil of Stables Flower Co. was who I wanted. Most brides know exactly what they want (colour and flower choice) and I had a vague idea but nothing definite. I met with Jil in her very adorable studio, gave her my colour scheme and she worked her magic to produce our wonderful bouquets.

Now, fast forward nearly 2 years and Jil has re-opened in a bigger studio, but still has kept the essence of all thing stables. I went along to the opening to capture some of the amazing floral arrangements that Jil had done and you just have to take one look and you know that it was Jil’s creation.

There was flowers of all sorts (far more than I could name, but to be fair, my floral knowledge is pretty limited). I tried to capture the creativity and uniqueness of what the Stables Flower Co has to offer. Jil is amazing and her work is incredible.

When I say, you can trust her with your wedding flowers, I really mean it and I’m sure any #stablesbride will agree with me there!

Chat soon,
Lisa xo



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